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Renting has never been easier than with Salcombe Kayaks. Simply book your Kayak  and it’s yours to do with as you please. Explore Salcombe, head out around the cliffs where the estuary joins  the sea or load it onto your car and explore other local areas.



We love kayaking! Especially in Salcombe which offers some of the best kayaking available! At high tide you can explore the many creeks of Kingsbridge Estuary and go where normal boats can't. Heading out of the estuary you have many coves and rocky shores to explore. If you are really lucky you can be joined by one of the local seal population! Whatever you do you will have  fun in one of the most amazing places in the UK. Come and hire a kayak!



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Nomad Sport Kayak

The majority of our Kayaks are the Nomad Feelfree, however we have a few other models to accommodate larger or smaller paddlers. The Feelfree Nomad is a great solo kayak suitable for the whole family to paddle. Nomad was carefully designed to be stable, straight tracking yet still manoeuvrable for use off the beach and amongst the rocks. Perfect for fun days on estuaries, sheltered coastal areas and in small surf. Nomad paddlers can also use the boat as a fishing platform to fish areas that just aren't accessible from the bank or shore.


Local Business

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Growing up in Salcombe I became fixated with the estuary. There really is no place like it anywhere else. With amazing wildlife, quiet creeks, a busy main harbour and plenty of space for everyone it's perfect for kayaks! We are here to provide advice and guidance and will hep in any way possible.

Value for Money

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We want you to enjoy your time on the water in Salcombe and for it to be as hassle free as possible. Kayaks are designed to be durable and easy to use whether going to the beach, going fishing or just exploring. We aim to make your weeks rental affordable and enjoyable.

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Looking for a tandem or adult and child option, drop us a line and we will see what we can do. Need recommendations for days on the water, just ask. We know some good trips (with pubs!).